What is cybersickness?

Cybersickness is a term to describe motion sickness experienced by users of head-steered Virtual Reality systems (McCauley and Sharkey, 1992 in PRESENCE ). In a typical Virtual Environment, users often view moving scenes while they remain physically stationary. This situation can cause a compelling sense of self motion (called vection). Examples of cybersickness symptoms include nausea, eye strain,and dizziness.

Why cybersickness is worth studying?

Cybersickness is a common experience among users of virtual reality (VR) simulators. Over 80% of individuals exposed to VR simulations of 20 minutes reported increases in sickness symptoms (Cobb, Nichols, Ramsey, & Wilson, 1999 ; Kennedy & Stanney, 1998; Wilson, Nichols & Haldane, 2000) . The problem of cybersickness can prevent the healthy growth of VR technology.