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This website is a preliminary version of our open-source library, which is built up for the purpose to provide a site for researchers to share experimental data, software tools and publications on ergonomics. Up to now, we could only provide our experimental raw data related to the research of cybersickness which are associated with several corresponding papers written by our members of research group. Later, we would like to provide some extra features for other researchers to upload their data, software and publications. 

These data are open copy-righted and we give you the permission
to use them for research purposes provided that you will
acknowledge the authors in your work.

If you are using our raw data, we will be most grateful you can let us know by
sending an email to rhyso@ust.hk

Download raw data

Raw data  from So, R.H.Y., Lo, W.T., and Ho, A.H.K., (2001), Effects of Navigation Speed on Motion Sickness Caused by an Immersive Virtual Environment, HUMAN FACTORS, Vol.43, No.3:452-461

Raw data from Lo, W.T. and So, R.H.Y. (2001), Cybersickness in the presence of scene rotational movements along different axes. Applied Ergonomics, 32, pp.1-14.




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